4 Benefits of Outsourcing Record Retrieval

Every so often it is important to evaluate the various aspects of your organization and make adjustments accordingly. You may need to cut down on costs or better utilize available resources. If your organization deals with medical records, it may be time to consider outsourcing in order to obtain records more efficiently. 


If you’re unsure about outsourcing, consider the following 4 potential benefits:


Greater Efficiency

The largest benefit of outsourcing for record retrieval is that it leads to greater efficiency. Outsourcing is essentially delegating, which means that you are taking responsibility off of your plate and transferring it so that you can focus on other things that require your attention. 


Delegating can sometimes feel risky depending on whoever is assuming responsibility for the task, but that’s the great thing about working with a 3rd party record retrieval company. They specialize in retrieving records, meaning that the task will get done currently and efficiently. Therefore you will increase efficiency in terms of obtaining records, and also in the rest of your workload. 


Increased Productivity

Hand-in-hand with greater efficiency comes increased productivity. The more efficiently you are completing work, the more productive you are. You no longer have to dedicate time to retrieving records because you’ve chosen to outsource. The time normally spent devoted to the tedious task of obtaining records such as entering data and searching and tracking records is now freed up for other things. If there is an issue with the record, or it takes longer to obtain, you will simply be updated on the progress rather than problem-solving and working to solve the issue. It essentially means fewer items on your to-do list!


Less Training and Fewer Personnel Needed

When you choose to outsource your record retrieval, it also means that your employees will need less training because they will no longer need to know and understand the intricate process of requesting and retrieving medical records. Instead, you can rely on trained specialists to handle the work for you. That way your employees can focus their attention on the other aspects of their job description.


You will likely need less personnel overall without having to hire and train people to specifically handle document retrieval. The added benefit is that it helps to reduce costs!


Quick Turnaround Time 

Working with a 3rd party for record retrieval also means that you get the benefit of quick turnaround time. Because it’s their specialty, records retrieval companies obtain records extremely quickly, most often within 30 days. Documents are obtained as quickly as possible in each case, meaning that your firm can close more cases, which increases your overall profit margin. 


To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing, contact iCopy Legal today!


5 Reasons to Use iCopy For Your Record Retrieval Needs

When comparing and contrasting record retrieval companies, iCopy stands out from the rest. There are many reasons why, but the main one being that we truly care about your experience as the user. iCopy was created by attorneys for attorneys. Meaning that we had your experience in mind when we created the company. That same perspective has persisted and permeated everything that we do as a business. 


We have summed it up in the following 5 reasons to use iCopy for your record retrieval needs:


1. Innovative Technology

Nimbus, powered by iCopy, is the most innovative way to obtain records. It’s easy-to-use, comprehensive, and acts as a one-stop-shop for all of your subpoena and record retrieval needs. Nimbus was created after hundreds of hours of market research and interviews done with attorneys and paralegals. The goal was to create a system that benefited the user first. Therefore, every aspect of the technology is user-friendly and promotes efficiency. 

2. Transparency

One of the things we take seriously at iCopy is the level of transparency we offer. At any given time you can discover the exact status of your records request. You also have access to every detail in connection to a record request. No more guessing or wondering what elements were involved in retrieving files, or the associated fees. You have access to as little or as much information as you want. 

3. Excellent Customer Service

It is important to us that your experience with our company is a great one from start to finish. That’s why we are committed to providing excellent, friendly, and efficient customer service. We know that record retrieval can come with a lot of frustration and headaches, but we also know that it doesn’t have to. We want your experience to be smooth, efficient, and straightforward. We even have a dedicated account manager that will be assigned to you for each case, that you can contact at any time. 


4. Simple and Easy-to-Use 

The other great aspect of Nimbus is that it is extremely easy to use. Through Nimbus you can do easy upload ordering that makes long data forms a thing of the past. You can also download documents quickly and easily with the instant download feature, as well as customize reporting that allows you to prioritize the information that’s most important to you. The responsive search option also makes it easy to narrow down and find specific details and information.


5. Secure and Confidential

At iCopy Legal, we understand the significant importance of security and confidentiality involved in record retrieval. We utilize high levels of security to ensure that your information remains private and secure. 


For more information about what we do and what we stand for, contact iCopy today. Don’t settle for just any record retrieval company. Work with iCopy, where our mission is to bring you the most innovative, efficient, and transparent records retrieval service possible. 


10 Tips for Improving Communication While Working Remotely

Working remotely can put a strain on the communication between coworkers. If it is true that the majority of communication is nonverbal, then working remotely can put your team at a disadvantage. You don’t have the opportunity to see a person’s facial expressions or hear their tone of voice while speaking which can make all the difference. Good communication relies on those things for context and meaning. 


That’s why it is more important than ever to improve your virtual and digital communication tactics. Here are 10 tips for better communication while working remotely:

1. Keep Communication Consistent

So much has changed already in terms of moving businesses online and at home, so it is important to keep communication consistent when you can. Do you usually have staff meetings on Mondays? Or a brainstorming session on Thursdays? If so, try to keep it the same. The fewer changes people have to adjust to, the easier they will be able to keep up. At iCopy, we love to use Slack for contant team communication and feedback. 

2. Make Video Calls a Priority

Thanks to technology, there is still an opportunity to meet with people face-to-face, even if it is through a computer screen. It may not be the same as in-person meetings, but video meetings and Google hangouts allow you to communicate more fully by seeing more of that non-verbal communication. So much is communicated through our faces. Just don’t forget to mute!

3. Over-Communicate, Don’t Assume

When it comes to communicating details or other important information, it is always better to over-communicate rather than under-communicate. Don’t assume that someone will grasp your meaning if it isn’t clear, and don’t assume they know something if it hasn’t been clearly stated and repeated. Don’t forget to check in with people. Go above and beyond. Empathize with your peers and see how they’re doing. 

4. Watch Your Tone

It is easy for digital communication to come across with the wrong tone, especially via email. Re-read emails before sending them to review the tone, and ask yourself how it would sound if you were on the receiving end. Try not to capitalize entire words, and be careful of tone that could come off as aggressive rather than assertive. Pro tip: if you’re concerned how the tone will come across, take the time to call or schedule a chat in person. 

5. Make It Fun

There’s no reason that virtual communication can’t still be fun! Fun builds morale and motivates people in the workplace. Look for opportunities to add in fun moments for your team throughout each day and each week. Maybe even consider different prizes or incentives that would reward hard work and also give employees something to look forward to. You could send everyone a gift card to support a local business and have everyone share at staff meeting which business they chose to support.

6. Set Clear Expectations

Clear expectations help everyone win. Don’t leave things open-ended or up for interpretation. Give as much detail as you can, as well as firm guidelines and deadlines. Even if you have to say “this could change tomorrow or even next week”. Communication quickly falls apart without clear expectations. 

7. Get Feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask your team how you’re doing in your communication. It is a new experience for most people to be working remotely and no one is going to do it perfectly. Feedback can help you change what isn’t working, and incorporate better ideas. A unified team is an efficient one!

8. Try New Tools

This is a great time to consider utilizing new tools or software that allows you to communicate more efficiently. Not only between coworkers but directly regarding your work as well. Software such as Nimbus allows attorneys and paralegals to improve communication and efficiency in retrieving records. They are directly connected to a dedicated account manager and have instant access to each request's status. No waiting, just answers right when you need them. Communication is a powerful tool all around!


What has been a helpful tech app for you in this season? We want to know! At iCopy, we have loved using bill.com. 

9. Ask For Clarity

If you receive an email or message that you don’t fully understand, ask for clarity rather than assuming or guessing. It is better to be safe than sorry! Especially when you are communicating about time-sensitive or crucial information. On top of that, always helpful to get a second opinion! 


It’s also important to consider the clarity of your branding and messaging. Do you need help with social media presence and/or what you’re communicating online? We recommend Simple Social!

10. Be Kind (a.k.a. The golden rule)

Probably the most important tip is to remember to be kind in all of your communication. Information can be clearly communicated without being negatively slanted. Everyone is doing their best to manage the new reality of working remotely, and it is stressful for everyone. Choosing kindness will only lead to better communication and improved efficiency. 


Easy-To-Use Technology Improves Law Office Retention

The right technology is key to creating an environment that improves employee retention. This is especially true for retaining younger associates. It is no secret that law offices are competing for top talent in the industry. They want to attract new talent as well as maintain their best employees. The right technology might be the thing that gives them the edge over other law firms. 


Here’s why:


Easy On-boarding

Comprehensive technology improves law office retention, first and foremost, by making it easy to welcome and train new employees. There is a learning curve for every job but new employees want to feel as if they are getting the hang of things sooner rather than later. 


If they can’t make the jump quickly, chances are they will feel the job isn’t a good fit for them, or that they don’t think their effort is worth the trouble. The first 30-90 days of a job is not just for the employer to evaluate the employee, but also the employee to evaluate the employer. Right from the get-go you want to ensure a new employee that there are established and comprehensive systems in place.


Keeping Up With The Times

Employees want to know they are working for a firm that is growing and evolving along with the industry and society. We live in a digital age in which everything is communicated and managed through technology. If a law firm doesn’t update its technology over time, it is easy for employees to question their competence and relevance. Then it is an easy jump to generalizing those doubts in all areas. If technology isn’t advancing, what other areas are falling behind?


When employees feel as if their workplace is not only keeping up with the times but leading the charge with innovation and advancement, then it is a place they want to be a part of long-term. 


Job Satisfaction

The feeling of a job well-done is one of the major keys to job satisfaction. Turnover decreases when employees feel they are performing well, and therefore feel satisfied in their role. Easy-to-use technology supports job satisfaction by decreasing the stress of daily tasks. Is there anything more frustrating than not completing your tasks for the days because your productivity was hijacked by outdated technology?


Technology such as Nimbus, designed with attorneys and paralegals in mind, supports productivity and efficiency leading to higher job satisfaction. With Nimbus, it is easy to avoid the hassle and frustration usually associated with document retrieval. Associates can locate files and information quickly and easily, as well as customized and transparent information that matters most to you. 


This technology means that employees have the tools they need to be productive and satisfied in their jobs. This also means they will feel motivated to perform and will want to stick around. 


Want to increase job satisfaction for those in your firm submitting and tracking records retrieval? Learn more about Nimbus today! After two months of service with us we guarantee higher team satisfaction than with your previous provider! 


4 Must-Have Tech Advances For Your Document Management System

If you’re thinking about using a document management system, you should know that they are not all created equally. It is important to find one with the features that are most relevant to the needs of your business. It is also important to find one that has the technical capabilities to expand along with your business. 


Here are 4 must-have tech advances for your document management system:


1. Web Browser-Based User Interface (BUI)

The first thing to look for when it comes to the best technology for your document management system is a browser-based user interface. Systems that utilize BUI means you no longer have to manage individual software installs and updates whenever there is a software change. This also means that security vulnerabilities on your network are easy to fix because you simply have to update the server and then everyone is updated to the new version at once. 


The greatest benefit of using a BUI, however, is that it is compatible with all different types of hardware and operating systems. This saves so much time and ensures that anyone and everyone can use your system with ease. A BUI also allows for easy change and transition with future technology advances because it is web-based and does not require updating every workstation. 


2. Responsive Search Capabilities

The most tedious and frustrating aspect of document management is often the quantity of information needed to retrieve a document. You often need all of the many details related to the file to successfully locate it. But that is not the case with automatic indexing and responsive search capabilities! You simply need any detail related to the file and the system will begin filtering through information to find what you need. No headache and no time wasted. 


3. Cost-Saving Cloud Infrastructure 

Moving to a cloud infrastructure versus physical racks of servers provides numerous benefits. The main one being that it significantly reduces costs for business. Rather than paying costs associated with integration, storage, and security, you simply need access to an internet connection. 


Along with this comes the ability to easily and inexpensively scale your business as it grows. Instead of installing and implementing a whole new system as your business needs grow, the cloud can accommodate your needs as your business grows. This also means you will save time, effort, and money by not having to re-train employees. You can use the same system at every level of growth. 


4. Customized Reporting


Another tedious aspect of document management is often the amount of information you receive related to each file. However, a document management system that utilizes customized reporting means that you can choose the information you want and don’t want on reports. You can select the criteria of information that matters most to you, and also how that information is then reported to you. This customized approach means that it fits your unique method and workflow, and doesn’t bog you down with unnecessary information. 


Overall, every business has different needs, but these four tech advances will ensure efficiency for any business that utilizes a document management system. Nimbus, powered by iCopy, offers all of these services and more. Our innovation, transparency, and efficiency set us apart from the rest. Contact us today to learn more about whether Nimbus is right for your business!