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Nimbus is a records retrieval platform designed with you in mind. Created to be the most seamless records retrieval service in the industry, Nimbus takes the hassle out of a crucial daily activity. Through Nimbus, iCopy is now able to serve law firms and claims organizations nationwide.

Instant Ordering

Bypass cumbersome order forms. Submit records requests in a way that works best for you.

Real-Time Status Updates

Access full details and transparency regarding the status of records request 24/7 through the Nimbus portal.<br />

Industry-Leading Turnaround Time

Innovative internal processes guarantee you will have access to your records faster than any other records partner you’ve worked with.


Easy Upload Ordering

Skip the tedious order form. Easily upload documents that already exist such as HIPAA authorizations, service lists, etc. and the iCopy team will handle the rest - keying in the data for you.

Responsive Search

Nimbus Search™ is a responsive search system that filters results in real-time, no matter which piece of data you have on hand i.e. firm file number, case name, plaintiff, records location.

Customized Reporting

Run real-time status reports customized to fit the information that matters most to you. View them inside your dashboard or export to a spreadsheet.

Priority Alerts

Receive the notifications that matter most to you. Priority alerts based on what information you need to know such as

Instant Download

Just two-clicks and you'll have downloaded your records. Want them even faster? iCopy will work with you to upload records directly to your desktop via a secure file transfer.

Direct Messaging

Transparent communication and responsive customer service is paramount to our client experience.

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Core Features

Skip doing duplicate work. Upload documents and data that already exist directly through the Nimbus portal. Quit keying in information through a tedious order form – simply drag & drop files and your dedicated iCopy team will do the work for you.

Get records quicker than ever. Download new records from inside the Nimbus portal with just two clicks. Need records faster? iCopy will send them straight to your desktop or case management system via FTP or API.

Looking for a file and you can’t remember all the of the details? Nimbus search is responsive and reactive – just start typing any piece of information related to the file and it will begin filtering i.e. firm file number, case name, plaintiff, facility, etc.

Define the criteria that matters most to you in both the custom dashboard and reporting tool. View the data within the Nimbus portal or export to a spreadsheet for offline access.

Decide which type of notifications you’d like prioritize. Choose to receive e-mails updating you on the status of certain records and files or simply login to the Nimbus portal and find any recent updates at the top of your screen.

Message your dedicated account manager directly through the portal for the most efficient customer service in the legal space.