4 Must-Have Tech Advances For Your Document Management System

If you’re thinking about using a document management system, you should know that they are not all created equally. It is important to find one with the features that are most relevant to the needs of your business. It is also important to find one that has the technical capabilities to expand along with your business. 

Here are 4 must-have tech advances for your document management system:

1. Web Browser-Based User Interface (BUI)

The first thing to look for when it comes to the best technology for your document management system is a browser-based user interface. Systems that utilize BUI means you no longer have to manage individual software installs and updates whenever there is a software change. This also means that security vulnerabilities on your network are easy to fix because you simply have to update the server and then everyone is updated to the new version at once. 

The greatest benefit of using a BUI, however, is that it is compatible with all different types of hardware and operating systems. This saves so much time and ensures that anyone and everyone can use your system with ease. A BUI also allows for easy change and transition with future technology advances because it is web-based and does not require updating every workstation. 

2. Responsive Search Capabilities

The most tedious and frustrating aspect of document management is often the quantity of information needed to retrieve a document. You often need all of the many details related to the file to successfully locate it. But that is not the case with automatic indexing and responsive search capabilities! You simply need any detail related to the file and the system will begin filtering through information to find what you need. No headache and no time wasted. 

3. Cost-Saving Cloud Infrastructure 

Moving to a cloud infrastructure versus physical racks of servers provides numerous benefits. The main one being that it significantly reduces costs for business. Rather than paying costs associated with integration, storage, and security, you simply need access to an internet connection. 

Along with this comes the ability to easily and inexpensively scale your business as it grows. Instead of installing and implementing a whole new system as your business needs grow, the cloud can accommodate your needs as your business grows. This also means you will save time, effort, and money by not having to re-train employees. You can use the same system at every level of growth. 

4. Customized Reporting

Another tedious aspect of document management is often the amount of information you receive related to each file. However, a document management system that utilizes customized reporting means that you can choose the information you want and don’t want on reports. You can select the criteria of information that matters most to you, and also how that information is then reported to you. This customized approach means that it fits your unique method and workflow, and doesn’t bog you down with unnecessary information. 

Overall, every business has different needs, but these four tech advances will ensure efficiency for any business that utilizes a document management system. Nimbus, powered by iCopy, offers all of these services and more. Our innovation, transparency, and efficiency set us apart from the rest. Contact us today to learn more about whether Nimbus is right for your business!

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