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Personalized Case Creation

We create each case request custom to your needs in our portal, Nimbus.

Individual Request Creation

We create each request in our portal, Nimbus, allowing us to make unique personalizations depending on the needs of each request.

Due Diligence

We research the facilities to obtain the correct mailing address, contact information, and any extra details that we may need to obtain records. Our goal is to ensure we serve our subpoena properly to each location, so that we can obtain records within our compliance date.

Creation and Mailing of All Paperwork

We use our automated platform to create all of the paperwork, and we mail it out freeing up hours off your caseload.

Emailing Opposing Counsel

We have teams dedicated to emailing the opposing counsels for any necessary information. We also ship all the necessary paperwork their way so you don't have to.

Follow Up on Requests

We follow up at least once a week on any requests that have not been answered.

Case Reviews

We review each case every other week to see what pieces are still missing, and follow up accordingly.

OCR and Bates Stamping

We OCR and Bates stamp every single record that we receive.

Processing of Radiology

We are able to turn hardcopies of radiology digital or into discs. You tell us if you'd like it to stay digital or if you'd like to receive the hardcopy as well.

Monthly Reports

We send monthly reports of every case and request you have open, so you know the status of your cases and open requests, as well as the requests that are requiring your attention.

Copy Services

We provide copy jobs, print jobs, binders for trial, exhibits, organizing/obtaining mobile notaries, hand delivery of subs, duplication of hard copies received from facilities, and out of state subpoenas.

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