Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We retrieve a variety of records including medical, billing, radiology, insurance, workers compensation, internal revenue, military, personnel, pharmacy, payroll, pathology, social security, union, and employment. 

We are equipped to work with plaintiff and defense firms, both big and small. We are also able to complete copy jobs for you, binding, film copying, mobile notaries, sending records to experts, coordinate pick up/drop off of records, etc. Our goal is to be what you need in any capacity, all you need to do is ask!

We do not have sign up fees or contracts!

Our customer service standard is what sets us apart from competitors. When you become a client, you get a direct line of communication to people managing your requests, you’re able to customize your SOPs, you have control and a say in what takes place with your requests and how things are executed. 

Meet the team! We will give you a quick walkthrough of our platform, go over your preferences, and allow you to get more comfortable with the team and the transition. 

You are assigned an entire team that is dedicated to your firm, and you are able to reach them at any time to ask questions, express needs, or even place a RUSH order with us if you are on a tight deadline. 

Multi-factor authentication is enforced and required wherever possible, including device, application, and remote access. We require annual Security Awareness Training for all employees. Additionally, our devices and passwords are fully encrypted with policies in place to ensure for appropriate data protection. With future planning of more security measures as we move to being SOC 2 compliant.

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