Easy-To-Use Technology Improves Law Office Retention

The right technology is key to creating an environment that improves employee retention. This is especially true for retaining younger associates. It is no secret that law offices are competing for top talent in the industry. They want to attract new talent as well as maintain their best employees. The right technology might be the thing that gives them the edge over other law firms. 

Here’s why:

Easy Onboarding

Comprehensive technology improves law office retention, first and foremost, by making it easy to welcome and train new employees. There is a learning curve for every job but new employees want to feel as if they are getting the hang of things sooner rather than later. 

If they can’t make the jump quickly, chances are they will feel the job isn’t a good fit for them, or that they don’t think their effort is worth the trouble. The first 30-90 days of a job is not just for the employer to evaluate the employee, but also the employee to evaluate the employer. Right from the get-go you want to ensure a new employee that there are established and comprehensive systems in place.

Keeping Up With The Times

Employees want to know they are working for a firm that is growing and evolving along with the industry and society. We live in a digital age in which everything is communicated and managed through technology. If a law firm doesn’t update its technology over time, it is easy for employees to question their competence and relevance. Then it is an easy jump to generalizing those doubts in all areas. If technology isn’t advancing, what other areas are falling behind?

When employees feel as if their workplace is not only keeping up with the times but leading the charge with innovation and advancement, then it is a place they want to be a part of long-term. 

Job Satisfaction

The feeling of a job well-done is one of the major keys to job satisfaction. Turnover decreases when employees feel they are performing well, and therefore feel satisfied in their role. Easy-to-use technology supports job satisfaction by decreasing the stress of daily tasks. Is there anything more frustrating than not completing your tasks for the days because your productivity was hijacked by outdated technology?

Technology such as Nimbus, designed with attorneys and paralegals in mind, supports productivity and efficiency leading to higher job satisfaction. With Nimbus, it is easy to avoid the hassle and frustration usually associated with document retrieval. Associates can locate files and information quickly and easily, as well as customized and transparent information that matters most to you. 

This technology means that employees have the tools they need to be productive and satisfied in their jobs. This also means they will feel motivated to perform and will want to stick around. 

Want to increase job satisfaction for those in your firm submitting and tracking records retrieval? Learn more about Nimbus today! After two months of service with us we guarantee higher team satisfaction than with your previous provider! 

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