Nimbus: The New, Innovative Way to Retrieve Records

Nimbus, powered by iCopy, is the most innovative way to retrieve records. Think of it as an easy to use, one-stop-shop for all of your subpoena and record retrieval needs.

Nimbus was created by attorneys, for attorneys

After years of frustrating experiences with other service providers, a group of Chicago-based attorneys joined together to form a more comprehensive and innovative system for retrieving records. A system that would serve to benefit the user, not just the insurance carrier. 

What sets Nimbus apart from other companies that can retrieve records for your firm? Their dedication to innovation, transparency, and efficiency. 


Because Nimbus was created with the user in mind, iCopy is constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve their systems. They search out feedback from their customers and use the information they collect to better the user’s experience. 

The processes and systems used to create Nimbus, from the very beginning, were done so as the result of countless hours of market research, as well as countless interviews with attorneys and paralegals. From easy, instant ordering to responsive search options, you won’t deal with the same frustrations you’re accustomed to when dealing with other service providers. 


One of the most difficult aspects found when trying to retrieve records is the lack of transparency involved in the process. Not with Nimbus. Thanks to customized reporting and open communication, nothing is hidden or surprising. You have as much access to information as you’d like, and you can choose which information matters most. You’ll even have a dedicated case manager assigned for the duration of each case that will provide constant communication. 


None of this would mean much if our systems aren’t also efficient. Record retrieval no longer has to be tedious and cumbersome, no more filling out long forms or entering endless data; iCopy does the work for you! Not only can you do instant upload ordering, but you can also download new records right from the Nimbus portal; making it as easy and quick as it can be. 

We want to shorten your overall turnaround time and help you retrieve records as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

For more information about how Nimbus can benefit your law firm and streamline the way you retrieve records, contact iCopy today!

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