The Importance of Transparency in Record Retrieval

One of the main issues with current service providers in the record retrieval business is the lack of transparency involved in the process. More often than not, when a law office requests a record, they have very little information about the process of obtaining that record, what happens to the record in transit, and the cost involved. 

It is not uncommon to be given little information into the record retrieval process, especially when it comes to invoicing. Attorneys and paralegals will see a final sum at the bottom of an invoice without knowing exactly how that sum was calculated, which makes it difficult to determine expenses or hold the provider responsible for incorrect fees or calculations. 

That’s where Nimbus comes in. 

Nimbus, powered by iCopy, is the new, transparent way to retrieve records. One of our main goals as a company is to be as transparent as possible, at every step of the record retrieval process. You have access to the information you want, when and how you want it. 

Nimbus provides transparency in the ordering, tracking, and invoicing of all records.


It is extremely easy to use Nimbus’ instant upload ordering; no tedious order forms or duplicate work. You can upload existing documents along with new orders, and your dedicated iCopy team will do the work for you, keeping you in the loop with constant communication. You never have to wonder what is happening in the record retrieval process or what information is required. 


Not only that, but after you request a document, we’ll keep you updated throughout the entire process! You will have a specific team assigned that will be responsible for the entire life cycle of your record retrieval requests. We are committed to providing consistent communication to promote transparency.

You can also utilize our custom reporting tool and priority notifications, which allows you to define the criteria that matter most, prioritize certain notifications over others, and choose how and when you will receive updates. 


We also allow you to customize how you would like your invoice to be laid out. We can make it very detailed with every expense itemized, or simply give you a total sum. Regardless, you have access to a detailed description of the cost for each request. No hidden fees or questionable costs. 

Transparency is the best policy because it promotes accountability on all sides, which leads to better business all around. To learn more about the record retrieval services we offer, and the motivation behind our business approach, visit our website and contact us with any questions!

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