Tiffany Shockley-Cabral

Director of Operations

Tiffany Shockley-Cabral serves as the Director of Operations at iCopy, where she holds the responsibility of overseeing all operations to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency for both clients and employees. Tiffany’s dedication to her work is evident as she recognizes the significant impact that iCopy’s services can have on the outcome of each case. Alongside managing internal operations, she also collaborates with Vault, iCopy’s development company, to contribute to the successful implementation of projects for iCopy’s portal, Nimbus. Guided by the principle of doing what is right rather than what is easy, she believes that sheer determination and enthusiasm for hard work are key to achieving the most challenging goals. Apart from her professional life, Tiffany enjoys indulging in her hobbies such as reading books, listening to music, engaging in outdoor activities, and various sports. She often spends her weekends at their family home in Northern Arizona, where she can relax and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Tiffany describes herself as a curious and determined individual, and she is deeply passionate about causes such as PTSD treatment, crimes against children and the elderly, and supporting the homeless community.

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